“Barbara Varga is an outstanding therapist. After many failed attempts to find a good therapist, I finally found Barbara. I immediately felt comfortable as I entered her office. The “symptom,” she called it, that I originally sought help for developed into a journey that Barbara guided and pushed me through. She’s caring, intelligent, insightful and real. She helped me get through a low time in my life and more importantly has taught me how to cope with future problems. She has changed my life and I am so thankful for that!”
Hannah R.

“Barbara is a very effective therapist that knows how to get to the heart of the matter. We discuss whatever it is I may be struggling with and she gives me clear suggestions on actions I can take to improve the situation. I appreciate her direct approach and the fact that most of the time I leave her office feeling empowered and ready to deal with things head-on.”
Melissa M.

“Barbara has helped us save our marriage. By working with us both separately and as a couple, she has given us a different perspective and provided us with “homework” that has truly helped us to put our marriage back on track. Her empathy and honesty make it very easy to open up to her and to trust her insight.”
Brian and Melissa M.

“When I first walked into Barbara’s office, I was ready for the “same old” therapy that just would not help. After hiding behind an eating disorder for 30 years plus some prior therapy that was just not useful, I was not expecting to progress. However, it was clear from the beginning that I had to participate to make it work, and Barbara was not going to accept passivity – but I never left her office feeling unsafe – and that helped me feel like it was OK to start opening up (super hard for me). So we worked together to identify the real issues, but almost more importantly, to help me gather the tools to deal with every day anxieties that once seemed insurmountable. She helped me see that the way I was living life was more exhausting than the alternative, so now I am well on the way to success I feel. I still have to work to do, but I am much calmer, I have less anxiety, and I know to call on my friends to support me when I need them – and guess what? That really works.”
Terri D.

“Barbara was amazingly insightful, starting on our first visit when she was able to diagnose the source of the behavior issues we were having with our young son. He was on the verge of being asked to leave yet another preschool, due to his unacceptable behavior. We were at our wits end, and had tried every sort of discipline we could think of. It was causing us to argue as a couple, which was leading to marital problems as well. We needed a 3rd party expert to give us advice, not to sugar-coat the situation, and to tell us what we needed to do. Barbara was able to work with our son and with us, in order to teach us a whole new way to discipline him. She saw that he is an awesome little boy and not a hopeless case, and really encouraged us. At the same time, she assigned us a difficult task of changing our discipline regimine and sticking with it. She taught us that children need and seek out discipline, and that it is a form of love. Consistency paid off with our son, even though it was initially hard to hear from Barbara how much work we needed to do as parents. Her words still ring in our ears each time he tries to defy our rules. Although he will always be a challenge for us, he is doing so much better in school. In fact, he is now more often getting rewards for his good behavior. Barbara gave us the tools to be able to discipline our son the right way, which has in turn made us better enjoy his many wonderful qualities and has made us a happier family.”
Rachel and Chad A.

“I’ve been seeing Barbara for over a year now. She has been really helpful in working with me to find clarity with my situation and has also worked with me to come up with the action items necessary to move my life forward in a positive direction. Barbara has a very proactive and direct approach to her therapy. She is a great therapist and I would recommend her to all.”
Laura S.